1、.,1,.,2,Introduction,Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by British author J. K. Rowling. The books chronicle the adventures of the eponymous adolescent wizard Harry Potter, together with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, his friends from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wi

2、zardry. The central story are concerns Harrys struggle against the evil wizard Lord Voldemort, who killed Harrys parents in his quest to conquer the wizarding world and subjugate non-magical (Muggle) people to his rule.,.,3,Thus far, the seven books have been made into a series of motion pictures by

3、 Warner Bros. By August 28, 2011, the harvest of Harry Potter series has been achieved more than $7.6 billion in the global and at the box office very much, Only in North America,it has been 2.3 billion, all the box office hit a new record of the film series. Breaking the box office records of Star

4、Wars film series , which were $2.218 billion.,.,4,Reasons:,When I was 9 years old ,I read the book Harry Potterby chance. shortly afterwards, I became one of faithful fans of it. After the first part Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone has been on ,I found it is more interesting than I had image

5、d. And till now, I have watched all series, eight films totally. It can be regarded as a good friend during my teenager life. It teached me to be brave, strong and optimistic. At the same time, it told me about the important and power of family, friendship and love. I feel very grateful towards this

6、 series of film, Thanks it accompanies me to grow.,.,5,Seven steps of Harry Potter,1. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone 哈利波特与魔法石 2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 哈利波特与密室 3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 哈利波特与阿兹卡班的囚徒 4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 哈利波特与火焰杯,.,6,5.Har

7、ry Potter and the Order of Phoenix 哈利波特与凤凰社 6. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 哈利波特与混血王子 7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 哈利波特与死亡圣器,.,7,2002年第74届奥斯卡金像奖,哈利波特与魔法石获最佳配乐提名,最佳艺术指导提名,最佳服装设计提名 2004年金预告片奖,哈利波特与阿兹卡班的囚徒获得最佳家庭动画类大奖 2005年第77届奥斯卡金像奖,哈利波特与阿兹卡班的囚徒获最佳配乐提名 2005年第77届奥斯卡金像奖,哈利波特与阿兹卡班的囚徒获

8、最佳视觉效果奖提名 2005年视觉效果工会奖,哈利波特与阿兹卡班的囚徒获最佳视觉效果奖 2005年土星奖,哈利波特与阿兹卡班的囚徒获最佳特效奖提名 2005年英国电影学院奖,哈利波特与阿兹卡班的囚徒获最佳视觉效果奖提名 2006年第78届奥斯卡金像奖,哈利波特与火焰杯获最佳艺术指导提名 2006年苏格兰儿童书刊奖,哈利波特与混血王子夺得8-12岁最佳儿童读物第一 2008年土星奖,哈利波特与凤凰社获最佳特效奖提名 2008年英国电影学院奖,哈利波特与凤凰社获最佳视觉效果奖提名 2008年视觉效果工会奖,哈利波特与凤凰社获最佳环境设计奖提名 2010年第82届奥斯卡金像奖,哈利波特与混血王子获最

9、佳摄影奖提名奖,Glories:,.,8,2010年土星奖,哈利波特与混血王子获最佳特效奖提名 2010年英国电影学院奖,哈利波特与混血王子获最佳视觉效果奖提名 2011年第83届奥斯卡金像奖,哈利波特与死亡圣器(上)获最佳艺术指导提名,最佳视觉效果提名 2011年英国电影学院奖,哈利波特与死亡圣器(上)获最佳视觉效果奖提名 2011年视觉效果工会奖,哈利波特与死亡圣器(上)获最佳动画角色(真人电影类)奖 2011年视觉效果工会奖,哈利波特与死亡圣器(上)获最佳视觉效果奖提名 2011年土星奖,哈利波特与死亡圣器(上)获最佳魔幻影片奖,最佳导演奖,最佳服装奖,最佳化妆奖,最佳特效奖提名 201

10、1年BAFTA儿童电影奖,哈利波特与阿兹卡班的囚徒获First Light十年最佳电影奖 2011年儿童选择奖,哈利波特与死亡圣器(上)获最受欢迎电影奖,最受欢迎电影女演员奖提名 2011年英国电影电视艺术学院奖,哈利波特系列电影获杰出贡献电影奖 2011年美国青少年选择奖,哈利波特与死亡圣器(上)获最佳幻想类电影女演员奖,最佳反派奖,最佳吻戏奖,最佳幻想类电影 2011年 美国青少年选择奖,哈利波特与死亡圣器(下)获夏日最佳电影奖,夏日最佳男影星奖,夏日最佳女影星奖,.,9,Main Roles,.,10,Actor:Daniel Radcliffe (丹尼尔雷德克里夫 ),The char

11、acter of the story;a brave,strong and smart boy,loved by lots of people; Parents were killed by Lord Voldemort ,a evil wizard who scares everybody in the world of wizardry .Lived with his aunts family when he was a child. A Gryffindor student in hogwarts.,.,11,Emma Watson (艾玛沃特森),Harrys good friend,

12、a smart and beautiful girl but was Mud bloods(泥巴种),whose parents are muggle(麻瓜) .Be good at study, called as Mrs.Know-All.(万事通).Helpful、enthusiasm,but sometimes has Perfect socialist tendency.Married to Ron Billius Weasley when in the end.,.,12,Rupert Grint (鲁伯特格林特),Come from a wizard family, Harrys

13、 best friend.A gentle boy who has red hair, humor、lovely and understanding very much. Sincere but indecisive sometimes. Married to Hermione Jean Granger at last.,.,13,Lord Voldemort 伏地魔 即(Tom Riddle) (汤姆里德尔) Harrys perfect enemy The most ferocious wizard in the World of Wizardry .killed Harrys Paren

14、ts when Harry was still a little baby. followed by a crowd of Death Eaters (食死徒). plan to kill Harry delibrately, but die of his own Curse carelessly at last.,.,14,邦妮凯瑟琳赖特Bonnie Kathleen Wright 饰演:Ginny Weasley金妮韦斯莱,汤姆费尔顿Tom Felton 饰演:Draco Malfoy德拉科马尔福,.,15,马修路易斯Matthew Lewis 饰演:Neville Longbottom纳

15、威隆巴顿,伊文娜林奇Evanna Lynch 饰演:Luna Lovegood卢娜洛夫古德,.,16,Remus John Lupin莱姆斯约翰卢平,Albus Dumbledore阿不思邓布利多,Professor Minerva McGonagall米勒娃麦格,.,17,艾伦里克曼Alan Rickman饰演:Severus Snape西弗勒斯斯内普,加里莱昂那德奥德曼Gary Oldman 饰演:Sirius Black小天狼星布莱克,.,18,Cho Chang秋张,Rubeus Hagrid鲁伯海格,Cedric Diggory 塞德里克 迪戈里,.,19,Lucius Malfoy

16、 卢修斯马尔福 Professor Quirrell奇洛教授 James Potter詹姆波特哈利父亲 Lily Potter莉莉波特哈利母亲 Aunt Petunia 佩妮姨妈(佩妮德思礼) Uncle Vernon弗农姨夫(弗农德思礼) Dudley Dursley达力德思礼 康奈利奥斯瓦尔德福吉(Cornelius Oswald Fudge)魔法部部长。 尼法朵拉 唐克斯 Nymphadora Tonks (Lupins wife),Some other roles:,.,20,.,21,Wizardly organism,goblin 妖精 centaur 马人 werewolf 狼人

17、 thestral 夜骐 merpeople 人鱼 phoenix 凤凰 unicorn 独角兽 house-elf 家养小精灵 inferius(inferi) 阴尸 slug 鼻涕虫 vampire 吸血鬼 troll 巨怪 basilisk 蛇怪 boggart 博格特 dementor 摄魂怪 Irish Leprechaun 爱尔兰小矮妖,Norwegian Ridgeback 挪威脊背龙 Chinese Fireball 中国火球龙 Swedish Short-Snout 瑞典短鼻龙 Hungarian Horntail 匈牙利树蜂 Common Welsh Green 威尔士绿龙

18、 hippogriff 鹰头马身有翼兽 fire-crab 火螃蟹 manti-core 人头狮身龙尾兽 Blast-Ended Skrewt 炸尾螺 flobberworm 弗洛伯毛虫 the Whomping Willow 打人柳 mandrake 曼德拉草 veela 媚娃 ghoul 食尸鬼 gnome 地精,.,22,Some interesting places,the Kings Cross Station国王十字车站 the Ministry of Magic魔法部the Leaky Cauldron破釜酒吧 Gringotts Wizarding Bank古灵阁巫师银行 Kn

19、ockturn Alley翻倒巷 Diagon Alley对角巷 Azkaban阿兹卡班(巫师监狱) Beauxbatons Academy of Magic布斯巴顿魔法学校 Duemstrang Institute德姆斯特朗魔法学校,Hogworts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry霍格沃茨魔法学校 the Chamber of Secrets密室 Hogsmeade霍格莫德村(巫师小镇) Three Broomsticks三把扫帚酒吧 the Hogs Head猪头酒吧 Honey Dukes蜂蜜公爵糖果店 the Room of Requirement有求必应屋the common room公共休息室 the Dark Forest禁林,.,23,.,24,The end,Thank you,